31 July, 2013

A Blank Canvas - Decorating Tips

Create a blank canvas - so you can add your personal style.

Create personality with colour and accessories

beach look

When faced with the task of decorating a beach house - the easiest way to start is by creating a black canvas. Work out a budget, then invest the most money in your core pieces like sofas, armchairs, dining setting, coffee table, etc - keep these in whites, neutrals and timber tones as part of the neutral canvas. Once you have these in place, then it's time to have fun with accessories and styling! It's safest to limit each room to one or two key accent colours. Work out the look and mood you are trying to create - flick through magazines or coastal blogs if you need some inspiration. Then starting layering away ~ building a story with artwork, scatter cushions, occasional lighting and decorator accessories. Always remember to add a couple of vintage or eclectic pieces into the mix to get it interesting and exciting - you don't want to end up with a room that looks like it has come straight from a showroom floor! You want it to reflect your personality and sense of style.

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