08 July, 2013

Tips on 'Decorating With Color'


Test Out Your Paint Colours

Once you have made your paint colour selections, invest in a litre can of the desired colour (not just a small sample pot) and brush them out on the actual walls where the paint will be applied. Select a large test area and paint away. Review the colour over a few days in different kinds of light and at different times of the day so you have a good understanding of the colours before painting the entire house! A paint chip can look totally different to the colour when applied to an actual surface on a large scale.

Don't Forget the 60-30-10 Rule

Follow the color principal of 60-30-10 to create an aesthetically pleasing color scheme. Divide your color choices into percentages: 60 percent is a dominant color, 30 percent is a secondary color and 10 percent is the accent or highlight color.

Don't Overload Your Palette

While a mixture of colors can be beautiful, too many colours together can be overwhleming and end up looking busy. Follow a favorite color scheme, like monochromatic or complementary, and stick with the 60-30-10 rule to create the perfect palette.

Don't Always Rely on Color Trends

Adding a trendy color to a room's palette can be the fresh take you need, but choose where you use the trend wisely. Wall colors can easily be painted out and accessories changed, but when purchasing furniture, choose shades that will stand the test of time.

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Inspiration : HGTV, Images via Coastal Style Pinterest

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