11 August, 2013

Shades of Green

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Shades of green

Although we typically think of decorating in shades of blue for a beach house, green is an also an excellent choice for an accent colour. It is calming and tranquil, perfect for unwinding and helping to create a relaxing decor scheme. It also helps bring the outside in ~ blending the boundaries between inside, the garden and the landscape beyond. Seafoam and watery shades of green like these glass mosaics are particularly well suited to coastal retreats.  
Melissah xox

Images via Molly Frey Design, mood board by Coastal Style

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Beauty Follower said...

Lovely place!


Tibs said...

Not a huge fan of green but with the right hue and amount it looks fresh and fabulous!

The Simply Kelly said...

always nice to see those inspirations here

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