12 September, 2013

The Humble Weekender

What has happened to the humble beach shack?

Where I live most of the simple weekenders from the 1950's - 1970's are being torn down
and replaced by enormous, architecturally designed, ultra modern coastal homes.
They have all the bells and whistles including
theatre rooms, lifts and infinity edge swimming pools.
To be honest, it makes me a bit sad that beach houses have got so fancy and complicated.
I relish happy childhood memories of holidays spent in
basic beach rentals with second hand furniture and sandy floors
and there wasn't a care in the world!

Melissah xox

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

If you want old time beach shack, then come on over to my lake house. :-)

Babette said...

Exactly! I share your thoughts totally.
Even the word beach house refers to beachy way of living... with sand between your toes, sea water on your skin and hair.
Vacation or weekend by the beach should really be about careless living - for adults and especially kids. I go to beach every day and find sand in my bed in the morning, no matter how long shower I took:) I don't mind at all.
I posted on my blog some time ago how I would like my beach house to be, one day...
Maybe you'd like to take a look. http://bettesblues.blogspot.fi/2013/06/this-would-be-my-beach-house.html
Thanks for this post. Your blog is beautiful.
(I am fairly new in blogger.)
Cheers, Bette xx

Shaz said...

Oh Melissah, I so agree, have been saying the same for years. Why do people put up these concrete monstrosities-I make no apology for this. Often people have more money than taste.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

Me too. I grew up in the 70's so I line that hippy laid back beach cottage best.

bec said...

gorgeous...if you take a look at my latest post you will see that we have accidently included a surf board in our styling....he he!
Bec x

Margaret said...

Hi Melissah, I just came across you blog today and it is soooo beautiful! I live beside the sea and could never imagine not being close to it. It's just a pity we don't get a lot of warm weather here in Ireland to go with it!
I would also have a preference for weather beaten cottages rather than ultra modern beach houses and I hope there will always be people who value the older style houses and decor over the shiny new ones :)

Babette said...

Thanks for NOT posting my comment on your blog.
Wonder why?
I commented the first time and also wanted to give you a compliment and introduction of me.
Have a nice weekend! Rgds, BB

Babette said...

Thank You so much for the comment on my blog and sorry for misunderstanding. I feel stupid now :(
But it happened to me many times, and now I started going through all the blogs I was following...
and wondered why newcomers weren't accepted in the Blogger-gang. But my blame. I felt that I was put on spammers list, because I included my own link. I figured later, maybe that is not proper. Anyway, I appreciate your reply and learned from this experience.
I LOVE your blog! Have a nice weekend!!! Cheers, BB :)

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