03 October, 2013

Window Coverings

Select window coverings that let in the light and don’t block the view to the outside. Light is a very important element in a coastal scheme, wherever possible choose window coverings that disappear. 

Graceful flowing sheer curtains (especially in white) evoke the idea of a soft ocean breeze blowing through them.

Privacy issues, the amount of light required for each room, aspect and personal taste will dictate your selection of window treatment. 


Hang simple window treatments that allow as much light as possible to enter the room. Examples include painted wooden shutters, roman blinds, simple roller blinds and curtains made of sheer or natural fabrics.

Drapes work particularly well in a Hamptons style scheme. Roman blinds or roller blinds in an interesting textured or woven fabric are a nice casual option and open up views. They suit modern houses aiming for a more minimal or relaxed approach.

 Plantation shutters look stylish and are well suited to coastal homes but can shut out light – there are a great solution for bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is important.

Opt for a colour that matches or blends in with the walls.  Choose full height curtains in sheer or lined curtains in natural fabrics like linen or cotton. Curtains in soft natural hues contribute to the warmth, luxury and comfort of a beach house.  

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Angel M. Gonzales said...

This is a great source of insights and tips on the different window coverings for coastal homes. I agree with having a window covering that don’t block the view to the outside. It would be nice to see the view outside when inside the house. Something light would be nice as a window covering.


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