30 November, 2013

My Beach House - The Hobby Room

Hobby Room

Pinboard Love


My little Hobby Room is a temporary space. Late next year it will become the Ensuite for our bedroom but in the interim I have this gorgeous little room to keep all my 'stuff'. I love pretty, girly, crafty things so this is where I keep my ribbons, scrapbooks, design books, cards, favourite magazines, shells and sewing machine. There's a sofa in the corner, out of camera view, which is a perfect spot for reading on a sunny afternoon. The pinboard is full of ideas, favourite clippings, paint colours, party ideas, fabric swatches and anything else that takes my fancy. It was the starting point of the colour palette for the house. The trestle-style desk with it's glass display case is great for displaying my favourite things and was a steal from Ikea. The lime washed open bookshelf from Globe West is great for both display and storage. I love Swedish designer Kikki K for her beautifully co-ordinated range of boxes and stationary. They look stylish, get rid of the clutter and keep me organised! The room is always full of scented candles and fresh flowers and is a lovely spot for blogging!    
 Melissah xox

Photos by Matt Lord Photography for Coastal Styl Blogspot, moodboards by Coastal Style

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shine star said...

Great <3


Ann said...

Oh that is a gorgeous room.
It looks so fresh and inviting
and you'll be so creative in there
for sure.


Sand and Shells said...

Love the color... what a beautiful creative space!!!

Candace Celmer said...

I love how you are using similar colors through out the whole house. So inspiring.

I'll be starting to decorative my new beach home on www.FromCtoC.com


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