29 November, 2013

My Beach House - The Kitchen


My bright, light filled sunny kitchen is an absolute pleasure to cook in. 
When I'm chopping vegies and glance up ~ everywhere I look is cliffs and ocean.
My husband's vintage surfboard gets pride of place so he loves the kitchen too!
In order to keep to a tight budget we kept one bench. 
We went over the chipped Laminex benchtop with a 6mm reconstituted stone overlay from Amerind
 and put on new vinyl wrap doors.
This saved us a bomb but it still looks and feels brand new.
The far side bench is all new. 
Things were sharpened up with new appliances and a glass splashback.
The old vinyl flooring was stripped and the boards were polished.
Antique Chinese bar stools add character and stop it from looking too clinical
I now have a dishwasher and a walk-in-pantry,
two things I've never had in my adult life so I'm in kitchen heaven! 

Before the purchase

That's the back of me chatting to the real estate agent at the Open for Inspection

The fun and games of renovating!

Melissah xox

Credits: Matt Lord Photography for Coastal Style Blogspot, moodboard by Coastal Style

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I adore the surf board hanging there. Who wouldn't want to cook in a kitchen with views like that??

Charlotte Orr said...

Love it - great work!

Boruvk_a said...

Love it! Your kitchen is like my dream kitchen ;)

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is stunning and it has my favourite thing, a walk in pantry. Love it. xT

Magali40 said...

What a change ! I like the horizontal lines in your kitchen ( surfboard, low kitchen furnitures, floorboards, windows ) and the broghtness. Welcome in the XXI century ( modern large electrical appliances ) !


Do you know the christmas song
" I'm dreaming of a white kitchen" ?
I do! like your's!

Special Post said...


inge said...

Oh it is so gorgeous and I must agree I think the surf board is the icing on the cake. Lucky you

http://deco4life.blogspot.com said...

Wow - I love the combination White and Wood! Our kitchen in Piedmont will be less modern, but also with a lot of White and woodern accessories, I know that already! Hug, Barbara

Anonymous said...

Love the colours- what paint colours did you use?

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

I used Dulux Natural White throughout the house & I'm very happy with the results.

Unknown said...

Hi !
Wow! I love your pantry!
I am wondering what product you used to create the shelving? It is a laminex product or just timber in gloss?


Melissah said...

I used 2 x 16mm melamine boards stuck together with a 32mm ABS edge strip. No adjustable homes & flosting shelves. Cheap byt stylish!

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