06 December, 2013

My Beach House - The Exterior & Entry


Thanks so much joining me on my house tour.
I have really enjoyed reading all of your lovely comments.
I am finishing of the tour with the entry
so I am doing this all a bit back-to-front!

The exterior is in need of a coat of white paint
but we have been busy bees in the last 10 months so that will be the icing on the cake!
That will be our little summer project! 

One of the downfalls of the house was no driveway,
so we started on that the weekend the keys were handed over.
Next was to re-orient the front steps which lead you smack bang into a big tree!
Then there was paving the path and downstairs entry to save mud from being trapsed through the house.
The crazy paving we picked from Eco Outdoor was a perfect match
 to the seventy year old stone on the house.
The final job before our summer break was re-doing the deck.
I love the the crazy ship's ladder that is part of the original design.
The little kids love it!
The entry is simply decorated with a white washed cane console from Mandalay Designs
and a collection of hand blown aqua vases, coastal books, shells and surfing magazines.
It's relaxed and casual and sets the theme for the rest of the house 

 Melissah xox

Credits : Matt Lord Photography for Coastal Style Blogspot

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In The Night Sky said...

It looks wonderful, you guys did a great job!

Jess said...

Wow!! What a lovely beach house!!! It's so bright, warm, unqiue and fresh all at once! I really hope someday I can have a beach house too :)


Magali40 said...

Your house is a beachy jewel, decorated with coherence. Congratulations !

coastalvintagechic said...

What a fantastic makeover - thanku for sharing it x

Sand and Shells said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your beach house... inside and out!!! Your casual beach theme is awesome and very stylish! And the view... OMG!

xo ~ Jutta

Susan said...

Looks fabulous.................I would buy it tomorrow !!!!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

I really love everything about this house. The design of it is marvelous. Best wishes and lots of happiness there!

OnePieceBlack said...

You both did an amazing makeover !
I always loved my summers on the beach with my gradparents. Wish you many many hot summers and cool drinks on your deck :)

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