04 December, 2013

My Beach House - The Kid's Rooms

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Seaside Neutrals

   re-create this look

Girl's Bedroom

These are the kids rooms ~
they are kinda small but that's not such a big deal because
they are only here every other weekend and school holidays.
One has just turned 18 so, I think weekends at the beach house 
will be low on the social agenda!
The rooms are both bright and cheery and have snippets of ocean views.
The single bed is from the original house - I kept it for it's sense of history
but limewashed it to freshen it up.
Most of the furniture was recycled from our old place.
I mixed everything up though to give it a new look.
The curtains went, the boards were polished, the ceilings were painted out,
plasterboard was replaced, old robes removed and 
the kids were wired up for TV's, computers and playstation.

Before Photos

Melissah xox

After photos by Matt Lord Photographer for Coastal Style Blogspot, moodboard by Coastal Style

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Anonymous said...

I don't think kids need big rooms anyway. These look perfect. Really love your 18 year olds room, boys rooms can be tricky to do and this one looks perfect. xT

Carla Tomas said...

Bright colors always make me happy! :)
xoxo Carla


Kim@Snug Harbor said...

What a difference - I like the bright walls and ceilings now.

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