05 December, 2013

My Beach House - The Study Nook

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 Cocktail Hour

This is one of my favourite quirky attractions of the house.

 This crazy little study nook is at the top of a small landing just before you hit the lounge.
It's tucked in behind the fireplace and just has this funny desk ~
that hasn't been touched since the fifties.
We tarted it up with a fresh coat of paint and I scaled down the size of the knobs.
It has a window to a stairwell, then looks out over the ocean.
Now we don't really need a desk as we have a giant office downstairs and 
I have a desk in my hobby room .... but a bar always comes in handy!
When throwing parties, it's a great place to mix drinks and 
have the next batch of canapes ready to go!
 A tripod lamp from Beacon Lighting, some nice artwork (out of view),
a book stack and a Palm Beach style bamboo chair from Globe West sets the scene.
I had the fabric custom made from Sparkk.
I thought the black fabric was boring so I zhoused it up with something fun and colourful.
A picked the design and the colour ~ a week later my meter of fabric arrived in the post and
Derek stapled it on in 2 minutes flat and voila ... fab new designer chair!!!

The study nook before we moved in.

Melissah xox

Credits: Matt Lord Photography for Coastal Style Blogspot, moodboard by Coastal Style

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Magali40 said...

What a strange room ! But not for a long time, as I understand well you'll change it completly.
The previous owners didn't have modern working habits. And such a waste of place in a house !

A Farmer's Wife said...

Gorgeous study/reading nook. I am particularly impressed with the gin bottle in the study area! Have only just found your blog - love it. We have a beach house in WA so think I need to pop back sometime and have a read.

bec said...

oh I love this....but doesn't look like much study gets done there with all that gin...:)
Bec x

OnePieceBlack said...

Woah, so many Beach House books :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

It's a Book Nook! I want all your beach books. LOL.

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