18 January, 2014

Lunch on my Deck

Right now, we are experiencing a burst of hot weather
with 5 days in a row hovering around 40 degrees.
I'm the only one not complaining because I love the hot weather.
Fortunately my design studio is the coolest spot in the house
so I'm working mornings and evenings 
and hitting the beach in the afternoons.
Without air con we are keeping cool by opening all the louvres
and cooling the house down with the afternoon sea breeze.
The rest of the time there's iced drinks on the deck to keep us cool
and an old fashioned fan at night to help us sleep!

Melissah xox

Credits: Matt Lord Photography for  Coastal Style Blogspot , food photography me!

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Heavenly Rosalie said...

Dear Melissah,
beautiful fotos!! Like holiday, in Germany, where I live, there is no chance to have lunch outside - its winter!! So, I would love to choin you on your deck and having lunch!! :-))
Best regards

Sand and Shells said...

Awesome pictures, Melissah!!! And THE VIEW... breathtaking! Your colorful szene of summer makes my (winter) day!

kerrie of sea cottage said...

You have a five star view that is for sure. My hubby told me that you all are in a heatwave. Thank goodness you have a sea breeze to keep you cool.

Charlotte Orr said...

Beautiful views!

Style and Home said...

Hi Melissah, your deck and view are gorgeous. Sam.x

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