07 February, 2014

Sun Godess

Now that the days are long and hot follow these

1. Protect and prevent. The number-one must-do: Wear sunscreen!
Rub a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen or moisturiser onto your face daily to fight sun damage. Look for one with antioxidants like green tea, coffeeberry or vitamin A or C to give you an extra boost of protection.

2. Keep pores clean. Even the best skin care ingredients won’t work well unless they’re applied to a clean face. Wash morning and night, and be sure to take off your makeup before you hit the gym.

3. Be happy. Destressing will help your skin stay clearer and glowier. Your skin reflects where your head is at ~ living a content life does things for your skin no money can buy.

Suncare essentials

Melissah xox

{Source: Glamour}

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inge said...

Oh bring on the sun missing it so much love the beach choices and one of my favourite colours

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