26 March, 2014

Gant Style







I have been collecting Gant catalogues for years. They are always shot on location with a great lifestyle feel about them. So much so they make me want to jump on a plane and spend my next holiday at the Hamptons. I have used them as inspiration for holiday photos and putting albums together. I run around taking pictures of lobsters, craypots, sailing boats and old signs trying to emulate the Gant way of life. My husband makes a worthy model as he loves their clothes - so all in all they are great inspiration and worth hanging onto!

Melissah xox

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Hi Melissah,
this time last year we were planning our trip to the Hamptons in May..............it is everything you dream of and more, I hope you get the opportunity to go.
East Hampton was my favourite, each village has its own special feeling, we would love to go back for 3 mths,
Loved the Gant post!
cheers, Susan

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