30 April, 2014

Seaside Vintage Style


These seaside cottages look so cute and cosy
with their blue and white accents, striped ticking and vintage pieces.
They look inviting and comfortable ~
with a laid back, relaxed style.

I would love to decorate my beach house in this style 
but unfortunately it has no appeal to my husband so we have found a happy compromise
and gone for a more natural, rustic feel which we both love..
Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, graphics by Coastal Style

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29 April, 2014

Rustic Turquoise





Here are a few of  my favourite pieces in turquoise.

Style Trend - Turquoise

Taking it's cue from the intense colours of the Mediterranean ocean ~
turquoise is one of my favourite accent colours for beach house decorating.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and ancient, crumbling villas
turquoise is both vivid and uplifting
as well as being calming and tranquil at the same time.
Turquoise blurs the lines between interiors and seascape ~
helping to bring the outside colours in.

Melissah xox

Images here, moodboard by Coastal Style Blog

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28 April, 2014

The Bungalow


Tribal Influenes

What makes this bungalow interesting is the pieces and artefacts the owners have collected on their travels. This gives the house a very personal feel with a sense of history and fills the home with happy memories. I believe a successful design tells a story about it's owners. I love these tribal influences that add character to the understated and neutral background.

Melissah xox

Images via Coastal Living, fashion story 2, moodboard by Coastal Style

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27 April, 2014

Retro Beach Style


Loving these retro, vintage style beach photos.

They remind me of the faded photos in our family album
of summer beach holidays when we were kids.

They bring back happy memories!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6-7

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26 April, 2014

A Cosy Weekend Escape

Black + White + Chocolate

A simple palette of black and white is eternally chic but throw in some chocolate and it takes a dramatic turn. It instantly makes a bold statement with a masculine edge. The chocolate also brings a warm, earthy mood to the palette.

A perfect colour scheme for sipping hot chocolates and toasting marshmallows, playing cards by the fire, brisk walks on the beach and rugging up against the elements!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 3 moodboard by Coastal Style4, 5-7

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25 April, 2014

Mediterranean Dreaming


Mediterranean Escape

I am in the mood for a little armchair travelling.

Today, I'm dreaming of the Mediterranean ~
where's it's warm and sunny
with azure waters, friendly locals
cobblestoned streets and charming villages.
I love how the dramatic cliffs contrast against the golden sand..

I'm wishing I was there now!

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 3, 45a, 5b, 6, 7 Moodboard by Coastal Style, 8

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24 April, 2014

Tropical Bright



Modern Tropical


Take your cue from Touch Interiors and add a Caribbean flavour to your beach house.
Create a tropical vibe with a palette of lush greens, azure blues, lime and a splash of yellow.
Tropical foliage, potted palms, cane furniture and cushions in bold colourful prints
will make you feel like you are permanently on holidays!

Melissah xox

Images via Touch Interiors

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