09 April, 2014

My Backyard Fruit Trees


Our first crop of fruit was a bumper one.
We have absolutely no experience at growing fruit
so the whole exercise was a big learning curve.
We started off with the expert advise of an aborist
then armed with a few handy tips ~
we pruned, netted, fertilised and nurtured our trees back to good health.
We have been well rewarded for our efforts and
our trees have been laden with sweet, delicious fruit
right through summer and autumn.

Melissah xox

Photos by me - cake and tart photos via La Tartine Gormande + Canelle et Vanille

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Magali40 said...

I didn't imagine that your grass could be so green, especially after such a hot summer. I like this country touch in your blog. To be continued ;)

OnePieceBlack said...

You have a really nice backyard :) Wonderful !

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