06 April, 2014

Surfie Beach Style

Surfie Beach Style

Surfie Chick

I am definitely no 'surfie chick' but after living on the coast for ten years
a little bit of this style has crept into both my wardrobe and my house.
Unless I'm meeting clients I pretty well live in thongs (flip flops)
I have vintage surfboards hanging on my walls and
piles of my husband's surfing photos, books and mags are dotted around the house.
So when you visit there is a real surfie beach vibe about it.

Melissah xox

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Pearl in Fashion said...

I wish I knew how to surf! But one day I will buy a board anyway!
visit me soon on http://pearlinfashion.blogspot.co.at/

bec said...

always gorgeous....x

Tibs said...

I would love to have a surf board as a styling item! Just finished a bedroom styling project…


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