27 August, 2014

My Cinnamon Muffins


With blue skies and sunshine to cheer me on ~
Saturday morning had me in a baking frenzy.
My batch of cinnamon muffins turned out a treat.
They were warm out of the oven
just in time for morning tea!
A perfect way to start a relaxed weekend at home. 

Click here for the recipe.

Melissah xox

Photography & graphics by Coastal Style

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Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Yum what a perfect sweet to have with your morning coffee or tea.

Anonymous said...

Would you consider sharing the recipe? They look yum!

Verandah House said...

One word YUM!

Anonymous said...

Looks (and no doubt tastes) delicious !! Marie

All For Love said...

Um WOW! You could open your own little cafe with your cooking skills & amazing presentation Melissah! I'm positively drooling now ;) Beautiful xo

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