05 September, 2014

Cupcakes Made With Love

I made these little treats last weekend ~
they were almost too pretty to eat!
It was a gorgeous, sunny day,
sunlight was streaming through the windows and spring was in the air.
The fruit trees in the garden are starting to blossom
so I picked a few branches and filled the house with their delicate petals.
I was in a bit of a baking mood
so I made a batch of my favourite cupcakes and
dressed them up in sorbet shades and spring flowers.
 I'm only sorry I can't give you one with your morning cuppa!

Melissah xox

Photography by Coastal Style

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Anonymous said...

Yum!!!!! I can almost taste them!! They look great :-)

All For Love said...

They look delectable Melissah, gorgeous blossom blooms too! xo

Seawashed said...

So pretty. Love the pastel cupcakes and your styling. Yum

OnePieceBlack said...

Your cupcakes are looking so cute and delicious. Yumm. And the cakestand is very pretty, too!

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