04 September, 2014

Natural Light

Bathe your home in sunlight.

One of the key features to a beach house is natural light to give that airy, breezy feeling. Light is one of the most important decorating elements in a coastal home. Large windows that let in the sunlight are a great investment If your beach house isn’t blessed with lots of natural light then here are a few tricks to create the illusion of light. 

Paint the walls white and try to leave the window coverings as minimal as possible - think flowing, sheer curtains or sheer blinds. Wooden shutters that can be opened entirely during the day are another clever solution. 

White painted or light timber furniture is another way to lighten up a room - a white sofa slipcover will give the oldest, darkest couch a beachy feel! Where light is really limited, consider installing a skylight to give the room a lift.

 Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, edits by Coastal Style

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Seawashed said...

Just so you know the third photo is from a Jeanne d Arc Living book.

All For Love said...

I think they are fabulous tips for any home actually. Love all those white, bright pics. I hope to own a home with lots of windows one day, our current home is a terrace, with adjoining walls on either side, so we only have windows at the front & back of the place. Not great for natural light :/

Melissah said...

Thanks Kerrie, I have updated that link.

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