21 September, 2014

The Surf Lodge, Montauk

Providing a relaxed, escapist experience, The Surf Lodge encourages those who visit to slow down and unwind. Created as an expression of summer freedom, the atmosphere offers a haven in which to wind down and clear the mind from the daily noise of city life.

Known for its raw untouched coastline and as the ultimate summer surf and family destination, The Surf Lodge is the perfect place for nomadic spirits to call home. During the long summer days when the area is thriving with local fishermen, artists and surfers, all seeking a respite from the hectic pace of the city, The Surf Lodge creates a resting ground to find calm within a sense of community.

With its timeless character and true bohemian sophistication, The Surf Lodge has paid meticulous attention to every detail, presenting an ambiance that parallels the easy, dream-like quality of Montauk and its locals.

Relaxed Weekend

Now, this looks like my kind of place ~ relaxed and casual with a cool, surfie attitude.
I love the swing chairs, the textured finishes, the colour palette
and the great beachy vibe!

Melissah xox

Source : Design Sign & The Surf Lodge, fashion by Coastal Style
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Old Country Soul... said...

Oh how beautiful!


Hi Melissah,
looks so inviting and chic, I was there last year.......but didn't stay here.....maybe next time!!
have a lovely day,

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