25 November, 2014

Breakfast in Bed

The little luxuries in life make all the difference!

I think you are going to be a tad jealous when you here this ~
 but everyone morning my husband makes me breakfast in bed.
I am not a morning person and I really struggle to get out of bed 
so for 10 years now Derek brings me a breakfast tray
with a fresh juice, a bowl of hot porridge and a cup of coffee.
I wake up to the small of fresh coffee and it puts a smile on my face.
By the time I've had my brekkie and watched the morning news ~
I'm ready to face the day!

Croissants are a Saturday morning treat!

Melissah xox

Last photo by Matt Lord Photography, all other photos by me Coastal Style

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Natalie Land said...

I am loving croissants at the moment. I try not to eat them though as they make my thighs explode.

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