21 November, 2014

Shades Of Fall

With half the world enjoying the last couple of weeks of Autumn this cute cottage embraces the best of Autumn and warms the heart. For me, Autumn is all about cosy fires, brisk walks with crunchy leaves underfoot, home baked bread, homemade soup, chunky knits, cups of teas and good books.

This Queensland home looks like the perfect place to spend a cosy weekend, cooking, relaxing, sleeping and reading. The Fall colour palette is warm and inviting ~ earthy browns, chocolate, tan and burnt caramel. The textures are worn, soft and tactile like leather, wool and cowhide. I could easily see myself sinking into that comfy sofa with a hot chocolate and the Sunday papers! 

This 1890's weatherboard cottage in Queensland, is another photo shoot from the home of photographer and stylist Kara Rosenlund. Obviously I can't get enough of it because I am featuring it again! It's crammed with beautiful treasures collected over the years from her travels as well as local vintage finds. Kara takes a lot of her inspiration from nature and you can seen this in the autumnal mix of browns and whites.

Melissah xox

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Carla Tomas said...


Xox Carla


Michelle Katherine said...

we love the d├ęcor, it's gorgeous!

M + K

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