09 November, 2014

Weekend Living

With temperatures soaring to 32 degrees we are getting a real taste of summer.
Life has suddenly moved outdoors ~
weekends are now all about moving lawns, gardening, beach walks,
friends popping over and entertaining on the deck.
Saturday was spent in a whirlwind of unexpected visitors with a very cool Kombi,
impromptu casual meals and a bottle or two of bubbly!
I am loving the new summer edition of Domaine Chandon ~
the bottle is a perfect fit for our house's decor
(not to mention Derek's new polo top)!
My friends have a good laugh at me, 
they're all convinced I have an obsessive compulsive disorder
but it's all just a bit of summer fun!!!

P.S. Carolyn, my blog designer, & I are giving Coastal Style a fresh new look
so just bear with us while we implement a few changes. 

Melissah xox

House Photography : Matt Lord for Coastal Style

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Beauty Follower said...

Great view, wonderful place, love the bottles design!

mel said...

I love your home and cool Kombi too look forward to your blog update, I have always enjoyed your posts great bubbly bottles too

Nola Grasby said...

Love your blog-would love to know where some of the clothes are from if possible you always put everything together so well whether it is decor or clothes thanks!

Melissah said...

Thanks for the compliment Nola, I like to shop at Polo Ralph Lauren, Gant and French Connection but since buying the new house I'm shopping at much cheaper shops or making do with last season's fashion. I try to make them look more stylish by teaming them with nice accessories. The top I have on here is 10 years old! x Melissah

Sari Yusuf said...

This is paradise

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