14 December, 2014

Art House









One of the key elements of interior design is art.

I believe that a home looks unfinished until it has art of the walls.

And by art I'm not talking investment art I'm just talking about 'things' on the walls.
It can be anything from family photos, prints, travel photos,
gallery posters, kids school art and quirky finds like dream catchers, crosses and deer head.
But hanging pieces on your walls adds colour, personality and interest.
Art should help tell the story of the home owners.
The pieces that my husband and I have selected tell a lot about us and our hobbies / interests.
Derek has his collection of photographs of lighthouses, surf breaks, beaches, tide calendars and
 his vintage surfboards hang proudly on the walls.
I have fashion illustrations, shells, coral fans and pretty watercolours of the ocean.
Together it makes for an interesting and varied collection that makes our
beach house feel homely and personal.

This Australian beach house has a lively collection of artwork 
that gives you a hint of the personalities of the people that live there. 

Melissah xox

Images via Domino

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