12 January, 2015

A Free Spirit

Summwer wishlist

Living by the beach, overlooking the ocean
makes me feel like a free spirit.
My husband I both work from a home office and
we both work for ourselves ~ we're each our own boss.
We start and finish when we want to.
I can take a few hours or a day off when I need to.
I can wear what I like and take my daily beach walk
whenever the sun is shining or whenever I need a break.
I'm so lucky to be with my hubby all day long
in the comfort of my own home.
No wonder I'm always happy and relaxed!

Melissah xox

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OnePieceBlack said...

Oh yes. That sounds wunderful :)

OnePieceBlack said...

Sound like a perfect life together :) Lucky girl !

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