12 January, 2015

Minimalist Beach House

This minimalist beach house is located in Los Angeles and is designed by Homepolish. The owner is a minimalist by nature with a taste for contemporary and industrial styles. As an under-30 founder of a successful tech company, the client wanted the house to operate as a relaxing getaway and a place to entertain. The design focused on balancing the client’s expansive collection of colorful art with a tranquil and monochromatic color palette. The furnishings, such as the concrete side tables, polished sea rocks, and jute rugs, all reflect simple and natural hues that promote a calming atmosphere. Brass accents, from drawer handles to light fixtures, can be seen throughout the residence, adding a touch of luxe to an otherwise restrained interior. The space is maximized wherever possible, including an office nook overlooking the ocean that features nothing more than a single slab of wood going across the wall to serve as a desk surface. A very clever way to treat such a tiny space!

Melissah xox

Images via Design Milk, fashion

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