05 January, 2015

My House ~ Pretty Bedroom Details

This pretty, pink bedroom belongs to my teenage girl who loves pink...!

I had a lot of fun decorating this room.
It's fresh, pretty and girly but with a modern twist.
It's all about pink, fashion and gorgeous details.
 It's light filled, sunny and a lovely place to sleep, study and relax.

Melissah xox

Last photo by Matt Lord Photography, all others by me Coastal Style

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susanjmb said...

VERY pretty and tasteful. And does she keep it this neat and pristine? <3

Melbourne Girl said...

Absolutely gorgeous Melissah!! This is the effect I'm trying to achieve in my spare room...I'm almost getting there...but nowhere near as pretty as yours

Have a great January!!

Dream House Trish said...

Its just stunning Mellisah, your daughter is a very lucky girl to have such a stylish mum to make her room so inviting & pretty, love it!!!

Fiona @ Jackadaw said...

Just found your blog via House of Turquoise and love it. This room is beautiful and has inspired me to get on with finishing my daughters room What is the book that is open on the desk with that lovely illustration?

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

The book is Fashion House by Megan Hess.

Anonymous said...

Hi Melissah, beautiful bedroom! Is it possible for you to share where the desk is from? Thanks, Charlotte

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Hi there, the desk from Ikea.

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