19 January, 2015

Take Me To The Beach!


I love hot summer's days - the hotter the better, I say. 

I hate air conditioning and fans. When it all gets too much I head down the beach and have a quick dip in the ocean to cool off or I find a big shady tree to sit under with an iced tea. Some days in summer it can reach 45 degrees (113F) and I love it - I'm the only one mind you. But they're the days you'll find me all afternoon in the water laughing and playing with the kids in the surf.

Seeing the new season's Seafolly swimwear collections
 makes me think I need to buy myself a new bikini!
Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

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Wonderful photos and colours!


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