02 February, 2015

A Healthy Start



A healthy and balance lifestyle.

Before I moved to the coast 10 years ago  ~
my life was full of bad habits :-
late nights, fast food, diet coke, lots of coffee,
no exercise and long hours at work.
Since hanging out with my healthy husband and living by the beach
healthy living has become a way of the life.
It has happened gradually over the years but
now I drink mainly herbal or green tea, eat mostly non processed food,
eat plenty of fresh fruit, vegies and nuts,
walk or exercise daily,
and get 8 hours of sleep everynight.

But old habits die hard and if you want to know what really makes me happy ~
it's potato cakes and French champagne!

Melissah xox

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

For me it's chocolate and pizza. :-)

Serendipitous Home said...

Ah you are speaking my language Melissah!
Healthy living was born out of necessity for me and I am a better person for it. Indulgence in moderation is key. After a 45 minute walk in -15 degrees celcius tonight, I enjoyed every little bite of my air popped real buttered popcorn while we snuggled up and watched a movie.
Cheers to good health!

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