24 February, 2015

An Eclectic Mix






This house in Carpinteria (California) not only has stunning views over the ocean
but it has an eclectic mix of hand crafted furniture, tribal artifacts
and traditional African pieces.
All of this combined with modern architecture
creates a truly individual and unique coastal retreat.
Designed by Hallberg-Wiseley Designers

Melissah xox

House images via Veranda, 8 moodboards by Coastal Style

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Eclectic Hamilton said...

I love this style and the pictures so much!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Greetings & Love

Beth said...

Hi Melissah. I have always loved this house. However, it is located in Carpinteria, CA which is a part of Santa Barbara (where I now reside). It is decorated by the brilliant design team Hallberg-Wisely. Just thought I'd let you know. :)

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

Thanks for the update Beth.

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