18 March, 2015

Lake Tahoe House

“I wanted it to feel like a lake house, with lots of blue and white and comfortable sofas.
It’s OK if you come in with sandy feet.”

Two sisters found out that their childhood lake house was on the market, purchased it together and turned it into an easy-living, picture perfect haven for the next generation. Those sisters are Saree and Jenni Kayne—and the Lake Tahoe house is now also home to Jenni’s husband Richard and their two children. The Cape Cod style house has a distinct East Coast appeal despite being located on the West Coast, and a beach house feel despite being situated on a lake. Everything about the house feels approachable and casual—from the turkish towels hung at the door to the belgian linen pillows scattered throughout. The house feels as though it was built for kicking back and relaxing. The secret? Lots of linen, all white roman shades, natural materials, swedish antiques mixed with comfortable sofas, cosy blankets and a meaningful art collection curated by friends and family.

Melissah xox

Source: The Savy Home

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Seawashed Living said...

Everything about this home is beautiful to me. It feels like home and how fun that it is so near where I live. Lake Tahoe is just a drive up the mountain from us. Both my husband and I grew up spending a lot of time there. I even lived there for a Summer while in college.

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