14 April, 2015

The Beach Cart









How is this for a cool idea?

I so needed one of these when the kids were little.
We used to haul so much stuff back and forth from the beach everyday.
There were boggie boards, flippers, snorkles, towels, beach bags, eskis with cold drinks
and snacks to keep the kids going all day.
It was always a mammoth effort to pack and unpack for a simple day at the beach.
I would have loved one of these to pile up with beach gear
and head off in organised style!
As you can see you can even chunk the kids in it when they are too tired to walk!

They are a great little buy at $245 ~
only downside is you have to assemble it yourself,
if you or hubby are handy with a screwdriver ... no sweat!

I love this stylish photo shoot found on The Beach People's Blog

Melissah xox

Images via The Beach People, graphics by Coastal Style

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