21 June, 2015

Beach Shack Chic

Boat shed inspiration.

This summer my husband and I are looking to put in a white weatherboard boatshed, just like this one, only smaller. It's really just a glorified garden shed but I still want it to look stylish and beachy. It will store Derek's surfboards and wetsuits so I want to have a surf shack feel to it so this little shoot has been great inspiration for me.

I think every charming beach house shold have a cute little boatshed.
It will even have a window overlooking the ocean and will be surrounded by a rose garden and veggie patch!

Melissah xox

Pphotography: Tony Amos for Real Living, collages and fashion story by Coastal Style

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I can just imagine it at your home Melissah..........
a few oars, a few nets ....and of course the surfboards !!!

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