30 June, 2015

Coastal Bedroom

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Sleep tight in this peaceful sanctuary.

A bedroom should be restful, peaceful and calming.
A place of tranquility and comfort.
I have just bought a very fancy sheepskin electric blanket with six heat settings ~
it was expensive but it's total luxury.
Not only is it soft and warm but I've been having the best sleeps
 because I've never too hot or too cold.
Other factors that I think really make a bedroom a sanctuary is ~
lovely quality bedlinen, soft lighting,
good heating and cooling, attractive surroundings and beautiful candles.   

Melissah xox

Images via Williams Sonama, moodboards by Coastal Style

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Wholesale Toys Australia said...

Wow ! Wonderful beautiful bedroom .

Wholesale Toys Australia said...

Nice reading your post. I like your blog .

Beauty Follower said...

I wish a had such a view from my bed :)


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