24 July, 2015

Living Room Decorating Tips


A beach house living room expresses a sense of comfort
 that invites you to spend time relaxing with friends and family. 

Style Ideas

Choose furniture, materials and colours that excite you.
Choose styles and fabrics that are comfortable and practical.
Consider the size of pieces and the layout of the room to maximise
key features such as fireplaces, decks and views.
Don't forget to take into account good conversation zones and the TV position. 
Since relaxing here is key, keep cosy throws and scatter cushions close at hand.

Lighting creates ambiance and makes a space welcoming.
 Give each key area of the room a flattering glow.
Mix pendants, downlights, table lamps and floor lamps to create interest and different moods.


The accents in a room tell a unique story.
 Displaying the objects you love creates a personal environment filled with memories and inspiration.


Every colour has it's own personality. 
Look to the shades you already love in clothes, art and nature to find the ones you want to live with.


Texture is the most sensory element in a living room. 
Make every piece pleasing to both the touch and the eye.
Choose sofas, chairs and fabrics that are are soft, comfortable and inviting. 
Don't forget, in a beach house, they also need to practical, hard wearing and low maintenance.
Melissah xox

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PencilGirl said...

Hi! in the second photo on this page there's a taupe sofa with a pattered cushion, bolsters, and loose patterned back pillows. I really like it, and wonder where I could find it. Can you help?

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