22 July, 2015

Winter Days

Here are some tips for staying warm this winter.

Even if it is cold outside, your home can have a warm and cosy atmosphere. You don't always have to turn up the heat. Follow some of these simple tips to cosy up your home for winter.

   1. Decorate with Warm Colours
Think fire-hued tones of gold, orange, terracotta, and red to give an instantly cosy feel to a room. If that sounds too intense then even the softer tones of yellow, gold, brick, and rust will have a similar warming effect. Go for warm tones in furniture, rugs, and accessories.

  2. Add the Glow of Firelight
Whether you light a fire in the fireplace or just set candles on the coffee table, this flickering light reflects intimacy and warmth.

  3. Pull Up a Throw
Add some cosy throws to chairs, sofas and beds. These not only offer lovely color and texture, but they will be close at hand to snuggle into when it gets chilly.

  4. Cover the Floors
Bare timber or tiled floors are great in summer, but they can feel cold in winter. Add some rugs to give a warmer feel underfoot. If you can't find a design, colour or size to fit then you could consider a custom made rug or simply use regular carpet, cut to size and edged.

  5. Insulate Against Chills
Is your favorite reading chair next to a window?
You may want to consider adding double glazing or curtains to keep chills at bay.

  6. Accessorise for Winter
  Fill big cane baskets with birch logs, pine cones, add some knitted cushions and chunky wool throws.
Even these small touches will make a room feel season-appropriate for winter.

7. Choose Warm Activities
Dig out your family photo albums, read a book, grab a deck of cards, or play Monopoly by the fire. Roast marshmallows, pop popcorn, or plan a vacation to keep away the winter blues!

Melissah xox

Images via 12-34, 5, 6, 7, 8 collage by Coastal Style

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