16 August, 2015

Cosy Up Nordic Style


Here are the top ten tips on creating a Scandinavian Interior

  1. Neutral Colour Palette: Whites, warm beige, soft grays, cool blues, even black, are all repetitive color themes you’ll find throughout Scandinavia. Never underestimate the power of bright white - be it on the floors, walls or ceilings. It’s all about creating a light interior to combat the long winters.
  1. Natural Flooring: Keep it natural. Scandinavians love the outdoors and have a deep appreciation of natural materials - be it wood, ceramic, clay or beautiful handwoven wool rugs. Always neutral in color to bounce the light. Scandinavians use light stains to great effect to control color and highlight natural grain. Try white and grey washes to create the look.
  1. Wood: Scandinavians revere wood – the natural sculptural elegance of its grain and warmth of it’s color. Try creating a wood clad feature wall or highlight the grain of natural wood furniture by keeping the rest of the palette neutral.
  1. Accent with black or pops of colour:This provides some contrast and interest against all the bright whites used in Scandinavian interiors.
  1. Furniture: Keep sofa shapes simple, add a sculptural accent chair with fluid lines, and mix in an iconic mid-century piece or two.
  1. Ikea: We have all purchased Ikea furniture at some stage and few Scandinavian homes are without it. Seek-out the quality made pieces with natural finishes that will last.
  1. Form and Function: These go hand in hand here. Keep room and furniture layouts simple, furniture practical and accessories to a minimal to get that spacious uncluttered look.
  1. Fire and Ice: Cold winters are a reality in Scandinavia. Whether its a corner ceramic tile heater, a modern Danish wood burner or a traditional hearth – a fireplace is a key feature in almost every home.
  1. Make it Cosy: Cosiness is a true Scandinavian design tenant. Scandinavians achieve it through comfort, simplicity and balancing minimalism with warm natural materials.

  2. Outdoor Rooms: Come Summer, Scandinavians open up their homes and extend their living spaces outdoors to take advantages of long evenings and the mild temperatures. Extend your living areas with a gracious deck or terrace with room for dining, lounging or even an outdoor kitchen. 

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