19 August, 2015

Modern Pink Interiors

Make me Blush: Pastel Pink on Trend

It’s a colour combo the fashion world have found impossible to resist this season – pastel pink paired with monochrome black and white.  Its soft and elegant, yet unexpectedly mature.  It’s not a colour many get drawn to for the home, but this season it’s been done so beautifully, it’s impossible to ignore.

My tips for making pink work in your home this season:

 - Don’t over do it – a dash of pink goes a long way. Think about accessorising with the colour – a cashmere throw, a couple of cushions, or a single artwork.  Choose one or two pieces as an accent, rather than a full look.

- Keep it contemporary.  Pair back pink this season with minimalist design detail.  If you add too much flair or frill the colour will go from chic to meek very quickly.

- Make it seasonal – this isn’t a trend that will last forever.  Don’t commit to a pink piece that you won't want long term – like a sofa or even a rug.  I’d think about re-upholstering an occasional chair, or a pink linen doona cover for your bed.  Unless you really love pink – in which case commit away!

Hope you enjoy the inspiration above as much as I do!
Melissah xox

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I love this touch of pink! :)

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