30 September, 2015

Bathrooms | Maximise your Space




Maximise your sense of space with these clever style tricks.

Reflective surfaces ~ make a room feel bigger so add some glossy surface to your bathroom like gloss white wall tiles.

Mirrors ~ add a large mirror to your bathroom to create the illusion of extra space and to reflect more light around the room.

Large format tiles ~ larger tiles on the floor and walls will increase the sense of space by making the room look less busy. Consider using a 300 x 600mm on the walls and a 600 x 600mm on the floors. The added bonus of large tiles is less grout to clean!

Frameless Glass ~ if it's within budget use a frameless shower screen as it will open up the room and increase the transparency of the space.

Light and Bright ~ limit the palette to white and light neutrals to reflect more light and create the illusion that the space is bigger than it actually is. Darker colours will make the room recede and appear smaller.

Attention to detail ~ add texture, colour and interest through towels and accessories this will prevent the room from looking bland or boring.

Melissah xox

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29 September, 2015

Spearmint Fresh

There's nothing fresher than a hint of mint.

Mint is like a breath of fresh air in the spring. 

This colour has really taken off this season ....
we are seeing it popping up in homewares, interiors and fashion alike.

It's pretty and feminine and the prefect accent colour
for refreshing a tired outfit or a lack lustre space.
Inject a splash of mint and it will give things an instant lift!

Melissah xox

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28 September, 2015

Pineapple Crush

Pineapple Crush by Coastal Style Blog

Summer Mini Trend - Pineapple Love

This season the pineapple trend is big news ~
we are seeing it in homewares and fashion alike.
We are seeing pineapples popping up all over the place 
in a myriad of styles, uses and colours.
There is lamp bases, artwork, scatter cushions
ceramics and pillows ... just to name a few.
I love using mini pineapples in flower arrangements and 
decorating with bowls of pineapples in summer.
Not only are they stylish to look at put
they taste sublime in a pina colada!

I'm having a crush on metallic gold pineapples right now!

Melissah xox

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27 September, 2015

Neutral Tones


Weekend Pleasures

Back to Nature

Muted tones and textures are a perfect choice for a relaxed beach house interior. Natural fabrics, hand glazed surfaces, rustic timbers and washes of pigment brings different intensity to a laid back colour scheme. Worn and weathered surfaces bring warmth to a softer palette but personality shines through with hand picked accessories, woven textures, recycled glassware and hand crafted rugs.

Melissah xox

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26 September, 2015

Romantic Beach Picnic

I love a good beach picnic ...
so I am loving this gorgeous romantic inspiration.

Nothing beats a beach picnic during the school holidays. 
I think the key to a good picnic is being organised and well prepared.
Write a checklist before heading off and keep an eye on the weather.
 Here a few good tips for helping you plan your next picnic.

  1.  Decide on the day.  Make your final decision on the day there's nothing worse than a picnic in the rain or on a cold, windy day. Similarly you don't want to picnicing in a hot, blustery 40 degree day either.
  2. Choose food that tastes great cold.  Beaches are not the best place to be setting up a barbecue, so the best option is to make sure that you select food that tastes wonderful when it is cold. Some great choices for a beach picnic include:
    • Cheeses & antipasto with crusty bread
    • Raw vegetables with dips
    • Ready made sandwiches or rolls
    • Quiche or zucchini slice
    • Pasta and rice salads
    • Fruit salad or whole fruit
    • Slices of cake, cookies or brownies
  3. Aim for finger food.  This will reduce the need for too many knives, forks and plates. However, you will probably still need serving spoons or forks for some items of food. And don't forget the serviettes - they'll be useful for removing sand as much as food crumbs! 
  4. Keep the drinks chilled.Take along a cooler to keep drinks chilled for the whole time you are there. 
  5. Bring a picnic blanket.  It is much more pleasant to sit on a picnic blanket than directly on the sand. This will also help keep some sand out of the food, although this is almost inevitable anyway! 
  6. Take shade items. Make sure there is some protection from the sun where you are going or back a beach tent or beach umbrella.
  7.  Don't forget hats, sunnies and sunscreen. You don't want anyone coming home burnt like a lobster!

Melissah xox

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