08 September, 2015

Boho Style


Get the BOHO Vibe!

Interior decorating as never been so carefree since bohemian style become a huge world wide trend.
This style is perfectly suited to the laid back, relaxed vibe that goes hand-in-hand with a beach house.
So get in the mood and add a little boho style to your place.

It's all about the details ~
think Moroccan lanterns and exotic pendant lights, sheepsking throws,
brightly coloured tea glasses, Persian rugs, leather poufs, ikat prints and kilim cushions.
Be sure to mix lots of patterns and
don't be afraid to use strong, jewel like colours against a background of warm, earthy neutrals.
 Layer throws on top of furniture and hang tapestries and rugs on the wall to complete the look.

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 3-4, 56, 78 collage & moodboard by Coastal Style

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