24 September, 2015

Hamptons Chic - Pale Blue & Caramel

Hamptons Style Decorating Tip - Use Light Colours

If you're looking for a classic Hamptons beach style feel, start with color. The idea is to keep things light, breezy and natural. Choose recycled wood flooring that has a sun-bleached or limewashed look. Stick with white walls and neutral colored furnishings in shades of caramel, beige, grey and taupe. Linen upholstery looks natural and casual, perfect for relaxing after a day in the sun. Add some pretty accent colours in pale blue, seafoam or duck egg to bring the outside in and to help create a coastal mood. Mix in some wicker, cane or bamboo for a seaside feel. White wicker looks especially chic in Hamptons Beach inspired homes.

Melissah xox

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coastal femme said...

Love the pale blue and caramel colors.

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