27 September, 2015

Neutral Tones


Weekend Pleasures

Back to Nature

Muted tones and textures are a perfect choice for a relaxed beach house interior. Natural fabrics, hand glazed surfaces, rustic timbers and washes of pigment brings different intensity to a laid back colour scheme. Worn and weathered surfaces bring warmth to a softer palette but personality shines through with hand picked accessories, woven textures, recycled glassware and hand crafted rugs.

Melissah xox

Images via 1, 2, 34, 5-6 moodboard by Coastal Style7

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Tiina Arminen said...

Oh, I love those neutral tones! Just made a B&W home with some green. Hopefully will get a more neutral project soon :)

Ich liebe mein Zuhause said...

Dear Melissah

I love your blog.


Petra from https://ichliebemeinzuhause.ch/

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