25 September, 2015

Paradise in Queensland




'Tropical Paradise' - Get the Look

Gold coast meets Cape Cod!

This breezy home located in southeastern Queensland belongs to interior designer Kate Gallie of Cove Interiors and her husband Price. The couple worked with BGD Architects to design their dream home, one that embraced both their family and their lifestyle. The indoor/outdoor design is incredible! I love how airy and open the interiors feel, the sea-inspired color palette mixed with the rustic touches, and the chic coastal accessories throughout! This one of my favourite homes that I have posted.

Melissah xox

Source: House of Turquoise, photography Steve Ryan,  moodboard by Coastal Style

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Dream House Trish said...

Simply stunning, such a beautiful style!

ChristopherJames said...

This house looks immaculately put together! And there looks like there's a great amount of storage space to boot! Definitely an enviable house to stay in indeed!

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