20 September, 2015

The Beach People - Roundie Towel


Loving the new look 'roundie' towel.

Every once in a while someone comes along with an innovative idea that changes the way we see things. My lovely friend Mandy gave me one of these 'roundie towels' from The Beach People for my birthday and I thought what a clever and original idea for a beach towel. It's fun and it's different and there's plenty of extra room for all the junk I take to the beach like my beach bag, magazines, cold drinks and snacks .... not only is it practical but it's stylish as well!

Melissah xox

Images via The Beach People

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Ashlea Kerr said...

I love my roundie - best invention ever! You are so right, there is so much room on them. Target and others have now created their own range, they will be all the rage now!

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