18 October, 2015

Colourful Mallorca Holiday Style


Holiday style


Relaxed with colourful accents.
This house on Mallorca (Spain) is the perfect summer home. It is situated less than 50 metres away from the sea but there's a pool to cool you down if it's too hot to walk the short stretch to the beach! The lines between inside and out have been blurred to give the house a sense of openness. The pergolas on the terraces provide welcome shade, while the thick walls keep the heat outside so it stays cool inside. I am loving the striking hot pink chairs which contrast beautifully against the blue sky and the natural surroundings. The house is new but it has been built in a traditional manner. This laid back beach house follows the Mallorcan architectural guidelines and the natural materials were sourced from the area.

Melissah xox

Source :  Neuvo Esitlo, via The Style Files, fashion moodboard & collage by Coastal Style

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