13 October, 2015

Tropical Lime


How to create a tropical decor scheme.

If you're after a tropical style beach house then the easiest way to achieve this is by recreating the palettes found in tropical foliage and flowers. Start with shades of green ~ you might be drawn to muted tones such as deep sea green, or you may opt for brighter greens that are saturated and vibrant like lime. Spice things up with warm tones, such as coral, fuchsia, red, burnt orange and yellow, that are often found in exotic flowers. Mix these vibrant shades back with lots of white and rich timber tones. Decorate with lively patterns to reflect the lush vegetation and gorgeous flowers of a tropical setting. Exotic birds and animals, such as parrots and monkeys, add a dash of humour and whimsy. Add beauty and color to the walls with prints of tropical flowers and botanicals. Add a palm or two, bowls of tropical fruit and some potted orchids to feel like you are permanently on holiday in the Tropics!

Melissah xox

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