24 October, 2015

White Wooden Floors

Loving white painted floorboards.

With children and animals it might not be the most practical choice but I do love white, wooden floors. White floors are often used in countries that don’t have a lot of day light (in winter time) to brighten up a room and to let as much light in as possible. It is also inexpensive way to freshen up old wooded floorboards when you don't want to go to the effort and expense of sanding them back and polishing them. If you are on the handy side you could even do it yourself. They can scuff and scratch easily so a bit of maintenance may be required for a pristine finish but if you are after a relaxed, coastal feel inspired by Scandinavian summer houses then it could be the look for you!

Melissah xox

(image source: 1. Taverne, 2. & 6. Ikea Family Live, 3. Petra Bindel, 4. Stilizimo, 5. Peter Carlsson for Hus & Hem, 7. Scandinavian Deko, 8. The Style Files)

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