22 November, 2015

Au Natural

Natural Coastal Style by Coastal Style Blog

Relaxed Style on the Weekends

Chilly Days by Coastal Style Blog

Looking to a create a rustic beach house look?

Then here's a few simple tips:-

Start with a simple, neutral colour palette.
Add rustic or industrial elements like recycled floorboards, concrete,
reclaimed timber furniture, natural stone, handmade tiles and vintage pieces.
Then add organic and textured accessories such as 
hand crafted ceramics, woollen throws, sisal rugs and woven baskets.
Then cap it of with a feature pendant in wood, bamboo or rattan
to create a beach house with casual, laid back rustic vibe. 

Melissah xox

Images via 1-234, 5-67-9, collage & moodboards by Coastal Style

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Szefrolet said...

Back to the nature? Why not! I can almost feel the sea breeze from these photos :) I’m a very big fan of natural furniture and accessories. The wood, cotton & linen fabrics and wicker stuff, create a very cozy effect. I love casual and bright interior design, so coastal style is gorgeous inspiration for me, thanks!

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