03 November, 2015

How To Accessorise You Home

How to Accessorise Your Home Like a Professional Designer

Many people have no problem selecting the major pieces of furniture for their home, 
however when it comes to home accessories they are at a loss.
  Here are a few tips for how to accessorise your home like a professional designer.

You could have the most beautiful room, but if it is full of clutter it is hard to see the beauty.  Clutter makes a relaxing room feel stressful, so get rid of as much clutter as possible before accessorising.  Find a home for everything, especially the everyday items like newspapers, school bags and mail.

Avoid using only mass produced accessories.  Into the mix add accessories that are unique or one of a kind.  Even better, choose accessories that tell a story - something you made, something you picked up on a vacation, an antique store or a vintage find.

Smaller accessories feel less important, so opt for larger accessories when possible. You can always put smaller accessories on a stack of books or another platform to elevate their importance.  Accessories that seem a tiny bit too large often work best.

Accessories often look best in odd numbers - 1, 3, or 5.  Many professional designers have found the optimum accessory aesthetic is 3 accessories grouped together with one accessory being tall, another short, and another in the middle.

When decorating a beach house accessories with texture add interest and an organic element to a room. Things like handmade ceramics, coral, baskets, woven textiles and shaggy rugs will all add natural beauty.

Clean Slate
When decorating your home, you should start with no accessories in your room at all.  Group all of your existing accessories together in another room and select your best ones to keep and give away the old, tired ones.Then gradually add your favourite ones back into the room.  

If you collect sea shells, driftwood off the beach or interesting pebbles, group the collections together as one unit.  Do not spread the collection around the room or around your home. Fill a jar, basket or shelf to give the collection more presence and a sense of drama.

Don't Overdo It
The more accessories you add, the less important each accessory feels (this is especially true of homes that are flooded with family photos on every possible surface).  Invest in fewer but more special accessories. Not every horizontal surface has to be decorated with accessories.

A Live Element
All decorating magazines know that the finishing touch for any accessory project is to add a live element.  You can add some fresh flowers, a plant, fresh herbs or a bowl of fruit to give your home a fresh feel.

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Photos by Matt Lord for Coastal Style

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ocpio said...

OMG, love the sea view! Some of the accessories are pretty unique. Inspiring post. I've got to bookmark this post as references. Have a great day!

Klazina Pels said...

Thank you for sharing this, very inspiring!

Maree Anne Holland said...

Great tips! Thank you.

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