21 December, 2015

Down Under Escape | Cabarita Beach

Down Under Escape to Halcyon House on @SavvyHome 






Halcyon-House-Cabarita-Beach-3 (1)

Down Under Escape to Halcyon House on @SavvyHome

Down Under Escape to Halcyon House on @SavvyHome

Down Under Escape to Halcyon House on @SavvyHome






Down Under Escpape : Halcyon House Cabarita Beach

I discovered this Australian gem of a hotel on an American blog, even though it's almost in my own backyard!! Designed by one of Australia's most creative and innovative interior designers Anna Spiro this cute, little boutique hotel is definetely on my holiday wish list for 2016.

This is my kind of hotel, a place where the experience is unique and one of kind. Somewhere that feels personal, homely but also imbues a sense of excitement and adventure. A place that excites me visually and makes me what to grab my camera and take a million photos. I love seeing fresh, creative ideas to freshen up my own design work and way of thinking. I love hotels that reflect the local culture and the spirit of the place that you are visiting.

Halcyon House is full of colour, a blurry mix of patterns and prints all put together with a fabulous eye for detail. Anna must have had a lot of fun putting together this project. Located on Cabarita Beach, it's just a quick 30 minute drive from Byron Bay. This is a beautiful, peaceful part of the world known for it's magical sunsets, great surf, breathtaking coastline and laid-back, beachy bohemian vibe.

One of my husband's surfing buddies lives there so we now have an excuse to go visit him and the perfect place to stay!

Melissah xox

Images via Savy Home Blog, fashion by Etcetera NYC

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